Cutaneous monosymptomatic delusional psychosis
Early intervention in psychosis
Mental illness
No definition found
Postnatal psychosis

"psychosis nos "

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psychosis | mental illness

psychose | maladie mentale dont le malade n'a pas conscience

Early intervention in psychosis

early intervention in psychosis

Cutaneous monosymptomatic delusional psychosis

psychose délirante monosymptomatique reliée à la peau

Postnatal psychosis

psychose postpartum

A rare and isolated orofacial defect with manifestation of incomplete median clefts of both the lower lip (limited to the vermilion, with no muscle involvement) and upper lip (with muscle involvement), double labial frenulum and fusion of the upper g

fente labiale médiane supérieure et inférieure, forme familiale

An X-linked disorder of purine metabolism comprised of two forms: an early-onset severe form with characteristics of gout, urolithiasis, and neurodevelopmental anomalies (severe PRPP synthetase superactivity) and a mild late-onset form with no neurol

hyperactivité de la phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthétase

cycloderma | no definition found (E)


Death by suffocation, NOS


Bone of hindlimb, NOS

os du membre inférieur

Airway obstruction, NOS

obstruction des voies respiratoires supérieures (

'psychosis nos'

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